16 March 2011


So I'm dipping out on Blogger I think.

See what happened waaas I got a Tumblr. And I gotta be honest, it pushed my Blogger to the side. Blogger makes me feel like I need to write long, clever posts. There's just so much SPACE. But Tumblr is such a happy medium because it's sorta halfway between here and Twitter...more than 140 characters, but I don't feel pressured to write novellas. PERF. So for the moment I'm all about the Tumblr. I won't delete this but I probably won't touch it for like, ever. (Until of course I feel the NEED to write a novella, which creates the downside to Tumblr because when you're in the mood you can't really write that much so it's awkward. In which case I will probably come crawling humbly back to Blogger.) And I can't even lie, I'm way better at Tumblr. I'm actually kinda funny sometimes in that form.

SO, in light of that whole situation, if you are one of the couple people who follow this blog or if you happen to see this entry, I would very much appreciate you following my other blog just for my hat art.

Yay! Thanks! Until next time, Bloggerites :)

21 February 2011

name...for real

Okay so now I ACTUALLY picked a name for my new hat blog. It is called Threebies. Why, you ask? Well, even if you didn't, I'm going to tell you. But, because I'm too lazy to write it all cute again, I'm just going to copy-paste from the new blog. Ha. So:


Well, a while back my friend was talking about starting a t-shirt line and I was just throwing around some ideas for girls' shirts that I wanted to make for it. I had a couple good ones, but the one that's stuck with me is just a simple tank top with three checked boxes on it, like a checklist. Next to the three boxes it will say: Booty, Beauty, Brains. (Actually it was originally Boobies Booty Brains, but I like this better.) I still really want to make the shirt, but the more I thought about it the more I liked the phrase itself as a slogan. So I decided to use it as the title of my company. 

Thus, Booty Beauty Brains = BBB = Three B's = Threebies.

A star is born.


BAM. Enjoy and visit the new blog yayyy :)

08 February 2011


I think I may have a title for my new blog (the one about just my hats). My sister Eden has this weird obsession with erudite words, as she likes to ironically refer to them, and today she sent me her current favorite -- NELIPOT. Which means a person who walks without shoes. THAT'S ME! It really has nothing whatsoever to do with my hats or anything that a hat company would stand for, but it's a great word and I think it represents me. Hmmmmschhmmm. Considering considering.

07 February 2011

okay one more.

So in light of what time it is right now, I'm adding another New Year's Resolution in the BODY category:

- If I am done with everything I have to do for the night, and it is after 11 PM, just go to bed. Don't question it.

And on that note, goodfuckingnight.

05 February 2011

nice to meet you, 2011

Hokay so. I have made my resolutions, in three categories, as I said I would. They are as follows...

- Do something that's good for my body at least three days a week. The chiropractor counts as one, and the others can be yoga and working out, or at the very least Wii Fit. And try and squeeze in some Wii Fit or stretching on the off days too.
- Cook a real, complete, healthy dinner at least once a week.

- Read for pleasure. I seem to have lost that art over the past couple of years and I miss it.
- When I have some free time at home, consciously do something that doesn't require sitting at the computer. Even just cleaning or something.

- Read at least one of the (many) spiritual books my mom has given me. The most recent, for my birthday, is just called Grace, and it actually looks pretty good.
- Go over what I'm thankful for every single day, either when I wake up or before I go to sleep or both.

I think those are better than last year. The only one that I'll really have to keep track of is the physical activity bullshit, but fortunately I'm already off to a good start on that. Gotta buy a yoga pass this week! I also consciously decided to leave off making any specific goals about my academics. Now that I'm in a major I actually enjoy, getting good grades is really just a matter of being engaged and absorbing what I'm learning. It worked last semester; even though my classes were fucking hard I was interested enough to do my work and ended up with good grades. Provost's Honor Roll twice in a row? Yes please.

Here I come 2011, watch out nah!

03 February 2011

full circle

OKAY. It is time for New Year's resolutions again. Which is rather thought-provoking for me because one of my first posts on this blog was about my resolutions for last year (thus the title of this blog entry). Awww.

...so, in honor of that milestone, let's recap how successful I was in 2010:

1. Eat on a more regular schedule. Failed. Last semester was potentially the most unhealthy three months of my life. My mom thought I was anorexic for a while.

2. Stretch every day. Lasted about a month.

3. Meditate every day. This went hand-in-hand with #2...this one might have lasted a little longer. Or at least I tried to make it last a little longer.

4. Stay on top of my shit in school. Well, halfway successful. Spring semester last year was my worst yet academically, but then I got straight A's this fall. Ya win some, ya lose some.

5. Have the balls to get my hats out there [Sometimes I hate quoting myself. I sound like such a tool]. Not so much a question of balls as motivation. Thus, failed.

6. Be positive about the semester. Let me amend my statement in #4: spring semester last year was actually my worst yet BY FAR IN VIRTUALLY EVERY WAY SHAPE AND FORM and I hated almost every second of it. So I failed that one too.

......wow. Miserable. So, although I am sticking to the plan I created last year of waiting to make my resolutions until after my birthday (clearly I'm running a little behind), we are trying a new format for 2011. I will now be making specific goals in three categories: body, mind, and soul. [Incidentally -- did you know that the Modern Language Association has officially made it proper to put a comma after the second to last item in a list like I just did, unlike you were taught all through your lower education? Who the fuck gets to decide these things?] They take some preparation, however. So I'll be back with those.

31 January 2011

new blog!

So I created a new blog this weekend. I decided that between the random journalistic ramblings, the occasional random photos, and the original purpose of sharing my hat art, the goal of this one was becoming a bit muddled. Thus, I will keep this one so I can continue with my ramblings etc, and now also have an entirely new (although currently titleless) blog for just my hats. A wise business decision, I believe.

AND, it already has three followers! Yayy. (Of course, one of them is me and the other two are personal friends. But regardless, that's more than just me.)

Anyway, if you happen to read this one, please check out the other as well. I'm trying to spend more time on the whole hat business this semester so I'd appreciate your views as well as your feedback. And like I said, I still don't have a title for the hat blog or, as you can probably infer from that, the hat business itself...so any ideas for that are certainly welcome also.

So for now das ist all -- time to go do homework. Thanks for reading and thanks for clicking here (assuming you do)!