02 December 2010

mas trabajo

So I spent a good three hours working on those same two hats today, the Totoro and Houston ones...mostly just lots of leeeettle tiny time-consuming background details, like cleaning up edges and making things blend better and shit. 

I did, however, entirely redo the background of the Totoro hat. The colors (a light pink-yellow-orange fade) actually came out perfectly, really pastel and almost buttery.

I also did the letters, which actually took over an hour in themselves -- first I had to paint the background color fade around them and then in all the crevices with a little bitty brush, and then go over each outline (which were originally embroidered in red thread) in a metallic gold Sharpie paint pen, and then touch up any mistakes in the white letters themselves with thatsame tiny paintbrush. Ayayay.

Here's a close-up of the letters...not a great pic (thanks Photobooth) but the fade around them came out very nicely. I was, however, hoping the paint pen would be a brighter, more yellowy gold -- anybody know of a better brand?

I'd really like to finish either this or the Houston one before winter break, but as of right now today is the only day I've allotted myself to not study or work on my many final papers, so we'll see if I have time. The Totoro design will be really cute.

So....esta todo! Buenas nochesss

EDIT: it just occurred to me that a lot of people actually don't know what/who Totoro is. I had to introduce him to my poor deprived roommates just this year. Totoro is a creature in the Hayao Miyazaki anime film My Neighbor Totoro...I suppose technically it's a kids' movie, but it's fantastic. Honestly the most comforting, content, zen piece of art I have ever had the pleasure of viewing. So here's Totoro, for those of you who don't know:

Nowww you understand. Exciting right? Yeahhh just WAIT.

30 November 2010

two important things

...that I just wanted you all (all being the, maybe, three people that read this) to know.

Number One:


Yeah. Black Friday marks the official beginning of the season. Which means that as soon as I got back to Miami yesterday I put up my fucking adorable Christmas tree, as pictured at left.

and Number Two:

Yes. The real Ricky Rozay. He was on my flight from ATL to MIA. Travelin' real incognegro like, ya know...no security, no bling, not even any luggage. Hmmm SUSPICIOUS MR TEFLON DON. Anyway, here's me and the big man himself:

Uh yeah wtf. Awesome. I should have tried to show him my hats...oh well. I'm still hoping maybe he'll respond to my tweets to him haha.

So yup, that's all. Just a random update. Hopefully I'll get to work on some more hats before winter break, but first I have to get through two and a half weeks of academic hell. So in the interim...merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

06 November 2010

major milestone

I have officially crossed the threshold of true (if still not very legit) bloggerdom...I HAVE A FOLLOWER WHOM I DO NOT PERSONALLY KNOW! I'm exhilarated. That's all.

EDIT (five minutes later): Just wanted to make it clear that, as excited as I am about this faraway follower...I could still use more. In case for some reason you thought maybe I was happy with my two followers and didn't want you. That isn't true. So. Ahem. Back to regularly scheduled programming.

In other news, I am going to continue with my lame-ass habit of posting old artwork when I have nothing new and good to show for myself lately. So I guess that isn't really news. Anyway though, here's an old illustration I really like:

papi naturo (as I originally called it...which I now think is lame but I don't really have a better idea so for the moment "papi naturo" it is)
summer 2008?
Bic art markers on sketchbook paper

ps. For those of you who haven't realized it yet, Halloween week is now over, which means that tomorrow it can offically be considered THANKSGIVING!!! MY FAVORITE HOLIDAY EVER!!! YES!!!!! So HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL, and to all a lovely chilly autumn night!

26 October 2010

a new era

...pun entirely intended. (So I hope someone else got it.) I feel like I am kind of starting a new era in my art though; I'm starting to figure out what's really my type or "genre" or whatever.

Anyhoo - two new hats are in the works, both of which I'm really excited about. Here's me wearing them as pasties:

The red and purple one is for my friend Jackson...I'd explain the symbolism of the whole deal but I don't have the energy. I sleepy. Soo I'll do that when I post pictures of the finished hat. Here's the in-progress:

The other is going to be a TOTORO hat! This one was thought of totally on a whim, but I might give it to my sister for Christmas (assuming I finish it by then). Here's its done-in-a-hurry, kind-of-ugly, going-to-be-softened ground painting:

So, ja, das ist all. Just wanted to share where I am. I apologize for the shitty quality, btw...I just did a lot of work on the H-Town one and decided to just snap a few Photobooth pics before I went to bed. Hope ya like em anyway doe [Kat Stacks voice], feedback appreciated.


13 October 2010


Some extremely disturbing information has just come to my attention.

Once you've posted over 200 photos on Flickr, if you do not have a Pro account (i.e., if you're in college and poor and not planning to pay $30 to put pictures online when you and everyone you know has a Facebook), you will only be able to see the most recent 200.

WHICH IS INFURIATING! GAHH. I'm so mad. I just uploaded something and got a little notice that said "We noticed that you have reached 170 photos in your Photostream. Once you get to 200, you'll only be able to view the most recent 200. Nothing will be deleted. Would you like to upgrade now to a 1-year Flickr Pro account for $27.99?"

You wanna know what I said?
I said,

Yeah. That's right. That's what I said. I really am pissed. That's really NOT a lot of pictures, and the whole reason I have a Flickr is because it's a free, well-organized vehicle to show my art. So clearly, if that's why I'm doing it, I don't want to pay for it! Who do you think I am, Flickr? Why do you think I don't have a Pro account? You wanna know? BECAUSE I'M NOT A PRO! I am, in fact, quite the definition of an amateur! Don't you think I would LIKE to have a Pro account? Obviously. But if I don't, there's most likely a good reason. WHICH THERE IS. Beef. That's what this is. Me and Flickr are beefin'. We're not on good terms right now.

In other news, my boyfriend Jake broke his ankle today. Actually, that's euphemistic. He is in New York on a trip sponsored by our school's marketing department and got hit by a car this afternoon and broke his ankle. And obviously, I am in Miami and can't go there because I have to go out of town tomorrow too. So I am stuck here while my baby's all lonely in a NYC pediatric hospital ward (why? I don't know. I assure you he isn't a minor). Fuck. Bad evening.


EDIT [some five minutes later]

Some good news! Jake just woke up from his surgery and called me, his ankle isn't actually broken. Yay! That just boosted things a little. And it probably should be sleepytime now so byee.

10 October 2010

travel log

I am very belatedly adding to my Flickr the pictures from my trip to Ghana in March. (I was going to put them up in June but ran out of space, and then in August but that was when I had my little loss-of-Flickr-login-info disaster.) So, thought I'd share a few. Check out my Flickr to see more.






24 September 2010

piece de resistance

...it really is. My piece de resistance, I mean (should that phrase have accent marks in it somewhere? Probably). I just wish photos did justice to these hats...that sounds really cocky, I don't mean it like they're that incredible, but you just don't get the full effect. Anyway doe [Kat Stacks voice], for what it's worth:

YAY! I'm so proud. Seriously. Check out my flickaaa for a wider range of pictures and pics of my other hats.

Working on the design for the next one...keep ya eyes peeled for updates

21 September 2010

death by school



painting still lifes.

honestly, someone tell me how you get good at it. what the HELL is interesting enough about a pitcher and a tea kettle to have even the slightest desire to paint them in detail? this assignment is making me suicidal.

17 August 2010

so you wanna know something funny?

I can't remember my flickr login info.

I've been automatically logged in for so long that I just haven't had to type it in ages, and thus far it doesn't seem to be one of my standard username/password combos that I rotate around websites. and when I do "forgot yahoo!id" etc, it says it can't find my email address. this is a dilemma. any thoughts?

anyway though, the reason I was attempting to get on flickr was to post some pictures of my in-the-works-hat. while I cannot now sign into to the aforementioned website to post the aforementioned pictures, I can at least put a few on here, although temporarily without the usual "click on my flickr to see more" plug...

21 June 2010


As much as I adore books - mysteries, historical fiction, thrillers, dramas, adventures, poetry, essays, short stories, everything from Edgar Allan Poe to Eoin Colfer - it is rare for me to seek out particular new ones to read, unless they have been recommended by someone in whose literary judgment I have great faith. I generally prefer to stumble upon my favorites. The best books always seem to be the ones tucked in the corners of my parents' bookshelves, piled on the floor in my grandmother's closet, borrowed from a friend, or that just catch my eye at Borders (although that last one doesn't always work out as well as the others, as in the case of The Mermaid Chair by Sue Monk Kidd. Did not live up to The Secret Life of Bees).

Occasionally, however, I fall for the promotions and click a book ad and get stuck on it. The most recent example of such is Taking Things Seriously, by Joshua Glenn and Carol Hayes. The book sponsors a fascinating website called Significant Objects, which is where I was drawn to the thumbnail of its cover.

If you've ever read any of the pieces on Significant Objects (which I recommend if you haven't), you may agree with me that although the project is very clever and interesting, it isn't entirely successful. The stories are usually great, but often the object feels like a jumping-off point that is relatively unimportant to the final piece, rather than injected with a new and vibrant meaning. (This is certainly not true for all of them, however. I really enjoyed this recently posted story.) This book, though, showcases the truly beautiful reality that SignificObs - the site's Twitterized title - attempts to fictionalize. It is a collection of essays from many highly respected authors, artists, etc, about the various strange little objects that for some very specific reason they hold close to their hearts. Whatever their position and history, everyone in the world has the capacity to be inexplicably fond of something material. I myself have this capacity to a pretty high degree - okay, make that a problematically (is that a word?) high degree. That's why this book looks so interesting to me. This personal relationship with the inanimate is something with which I am very familiar and in my mind is, although perhaps not positive, perfectly justifiable, so I am very excited to hear from people who seem to feel the same (albeit maybe not for every single object they own, like myself).

Personally, I am a packrat, a trait that I inherited from the women on my mother's side of the family, along with many of their possessions that are now hidden in various places so that I don't ever have to get rid of them. Though this can make for some serious clutter, this attachment to "stuff" is not just because we're too lazy or stubborn to throw anything away. I think, if we are honest with ourselves, it's because we are afraid we'll forget. In fact, I believe the fear of uncertainty is a trait shared by that same line of very strong women, but that would be an entirely different blog entry. As far as these objects however, this fear comes from an "out of sight, out of mind" personality. Objects, places, even people - to that kind of brain, if it isn't visible, it isn't there. (That's why I love photos so much, too, and consequently why my hard drive is consistently telling me that it's about to throw up.) We remain attached to things because we choose to attach ourselves to them in the first place. Though this may be conscious or unconscious, when we come into possession of an item - whether it was bought, given, found, stolen, earned or fought for - the memory of its acquisition and the surrounding circumstances are eternally molded to the item itself, and we are afraid that if we lose that item we will lose the little part of our lives that came with it. For people like us, every joy and sorrow and hope is represented by some material thing. Our emotional baggage carried in our physical baggage, so to speak.

This tendency itself isn't exactly a good thing. Though it is natural and admirable that we desire to remember, we have to learn to remember on our own. I know from personal experience that it can take a lot of convincing to make oneself believe that the event will still have happened once the souvenir is gone, but by some magic I always seem to remember even when I do finally dispose of it. However, there is a very beautiful element to this clinging-on - it represents what I think is a highly imaginative ability to intertwine the physical with the mental. I would apply the term "synesthesia," a word my professor used frequently in teaching us Charlotte Perkins Gilman's short story "The Yellow Wall-paper," which itself describes a woman becoming so invested in a literal wall that she descends into insanity. Though luckily no one I know has become so attached to an object as to go crazy, the concept of synesthesia - which refers to the overlapping of senses, such as believing one can "hear" or "smell" a color - is well represented in the packrat spirit, which makes inseparable the visual, kinetic, and emotional, and not infrequently the aural and olfactory as well.

And so you see, all this thinking has sprung simply from reading the introduction to Taking Things Seriously on Amazon (something else I recommend you do), which is why I feel that it is entirely tenable to add this book to my own collection of things and probably never get rid of it. However, since I am a virtually penniless college student and it is not QUITE so tenable to spend money on anything but food at the moment, this book is now on my lifelong, ever-growing wishlist. If you would like to support that endeavor, feel free to buy it for me. I'm not at all opposed. Or at the very least, buy it for yourself - maybe it will make you feel better about your packrat-ness, or maybe turn you into a packrat. Or maybe it will just be some thoroughly enjoyable reading, even though I saw it in an advertisement.

11 June 2010


the hat is FINALLY done! woohoo I feel like a free woman again. my friend patrick absolutely loved it, so mission accomplished in my mind. here are a few pictures; click here to see more/better views on my flickr.

so there you have it. the fruit borne by the seeds of countless hours sown into the soil of love and watered by my creative juices. damn. awesome.

feedback, however, is much appreciated - design/execution tips, composition, whether you like the atlanta hats versus the blank hat, or whatever else. the biggest issue with this one was that it's painted on a cheapo lids-brand fitted made of acrylic, rather than a nice new era one made of wool, cotton, spandex, etc etc. it really changed the texture and color quality...worked out in the end, but I would rather not do it again. I have a few more cheapies on hand to paint but I'm only ordering legit new era 59 fiftys from here on out. GAME OVA.

anyway - that's it. I'm gonna go post these pictures on flickr so that that link up there actually takes you to what it says it will. if that makes sense. happy weekend!

31 May 2010


so I finished the hat! buuut I am back in atlanta for a couple weeks and just realized I forgot my camera cord. hence, no pictures until I get back to miami in about a week. poop.

sidenote: I need followers. besides, obviously, posting more often, how do I make this happen? bahh.

08 May 2010

still goin

this hat is becoming an incredibly interesting endeavor. originally I had a plan, which was to put the lightning scene and the ocean scene side-by-side on the front panel. but then that was really cramped and the back was all empty, so I painted the yellow over it and did the lightning and ocean on the back. but as far as the designs on those two panels, they're pretty according to plan. but then the front panel has just completely evolved itself. I didn't really have a blueprint for it to begin with, but I was definitely planning to paint these river rocks and a crane, and then I was like "oh I'll add a sun," and then it became THIS. woah.

...which I love. but I don't really know what to do with it. so my current two considerations for the front panel are: 1) still add a crane? it would be off-center to the right, just a single crane standing on the rocks. simple and with some sentimental meaning for the wearer, my friend patrick. and 2) should I add the reflection of the sun on the bill? it was supposed to look like water but there wasn't going to be a sun to begin with, so now I'm thinking it looks funky withOUT the reflection. but that sorta changes a lot because then I have to add the sunlight on the rocks too. and I don't know if it's necessary or just too much.

so basically, at the moment I'm trying to find the thin line between this hat being intricate and loaded with detail or just being way over the top and too busy. opinions welcome.

20 April 2010

a gift to myself

I FINALLY did a little more on this hat. I'd consider it liiike...2/3 done. those little spots on the front will be rocks and there will be a scene there, and I'm thinking there will be some fish and whatnot in the ocean. hmmm. I'm gonna do a little more tonight but we'll see how long I procrastinate on the next chunk...

I am currently sitting in my room looking out the window at the warm miami nighttime rain that sounds so pretty outside and just paintin away and it is just perfect for my state of mind right now.

18 April 2010


remember that time I made a blog and then forgot about it?

06 March 2010


hahaaaa YES finally got some more work done on this hat. I'm on duty and therefore cooped up in my building all night...what better motivation than an evening with no substances?

just about done with this side...it's based on the techno song "till the sky falls down" by dash berlin. my friend patrick basically just gave me two songs he loves (that one and "sirens of the sea" by oceanlab) and said listen to them and do what you feel. which was SWEET. so this hat is abouta be sickkk. other side to come...hopefully soon, I'm on duty again tomorrow haha. but until then, goodnight :)

EDIT: by the way, this hat is going to take WAYYY longer than anticipated. damnz.

05 March 2010

fuckin around

one of my occasional forays into non-representational art. I don't generally do totally abstract stuff like this, but it can be thoroughly therapeutic. I think this was the day I locked my door and turned off all my lights except my desk lamp and danced around in my underwear to david bowie.

inks on sketch paper
spring 2009

EDIT | there was a blow-dryer involved as well. just in case you were wondering.

02 March 2010

she's alive

sadly I haven't really had time to blog recently...patrick's hat is on hold while I try and get my life together. I've also been developing a lot of fascinating theories on life of late, which I would like to share with you, dear blogspot, so when time and school allow I will expound upon those.

currently, however, like I said I REALLY have to start being a more productive person. I'm realizing lately that I am just straight up lazy. even jake tells me I'm lazy...and the worst part is that I'm a bad influence on other people about it too. if they ask me if they should go to class, do homework, etc, I always tell them fuck it. BAD. I honestly just don't really like to do anything that requires much effort or planning on my part; if I had my way I'd just sit on my ass all day and read books and write essays and paint things and think and learn and talk to people and meditate and do yoga (and a few less kosher but thoroughly enjoyable activities that I'll leave you to imagine). BUT, while I plan to add a double major in english next year (currently I'm just majoring in studio art) and be able to spend the last two years of my college career doing exactly that, for the moment I have to try and do some other things. like do real homework. and study for tests. and write papers that aren't about interesting literature. meh.

this is kind of my final new year's resolution to conquer...I'm still sticking to all of them pretty well (with the exception of working more on my hats, but like I said that's just on hold until the school part is on track), but I am still not doing shit as far as schoolwork this semester. I was right in thinking that the "stay on top of my shit" resolution was much too general. therefore, the first step of the new and improved do-some-real-fuckin-work plan is to go to study hall with the alphas every night they have it, which I think is monday through wednesday. I was going to say I have to do at least an hour of homework every day of the weekend too, but I honestly think that's pushing it at the moment (pathetic, I know). so, first I'll try and be productive for a couple hours for three nights of the week. a hateful prospect, but realistic.

on that note...off to write two english papers and do spanish homework and take an anthropology online quiz, all of which is due tomorrow and none of which I've started. yuuuup this is gonna be fun.

13 February 2010

self-portrait 2.0

a much more recent and better self-portrait. from my senior year AP studio art portfolio - my concentration was underwear. lots of fun.

lucky undies
spring 2008
graphite on paper

11 February 2010

blank canvases

NEW HATS! my big fat birthday-discount order from lids just came in a couple days ago. I have ideas for a couple of them; the others I'll either save for custom orders or just do as ideas come to me.

the first priority is the one I just started working on for my friend patrick - all the background colors are done; I'm gonna start the designs tomorrow, hopefully finish them up in two or maybe three more sessions.

08 February 2010

shouldn't be doing this.

should be sleeping.
just had the urge.
not gonna fight it.
it's whatever.

mediocre self-portrait from junior year
spring 2007
charcoal and white conte on newsprint

actually sleeping kbye

02 February 2010


I decided it would be a good idea to put up some older artwork of mine, just for some background. I'm also starting to get more and more interested in illustration as a possible career choice, so I thought I probably should have some of my 2D portfolio online as well, even though it's not as recent. so I'll start putting up some of those every so often. here's the first...

unnamed heffalump
early 2009-ish
permanent marker on paper


29 January 2010

the heart of the matter

so let's get down to the nitty-gritty. here's the whole reason I fucks with this blog business anyway - this is the third hat I've painted, but by far the best. it was for my friend chris, who's also from the ATL. (click here to see more hat pictures on my flickr.) the front is the atlanta skyline at night (viewed from the north-ish, if I'm not mistaken), with the highways on the bill and a peach as the moon. if you know atlanta at all the buildings are actually recognizable, I was much more detailed on this one than on the first ATL hat I painted. the back says "listening to you I get the music," which is a line from chris's favorite song by the who. and, to top it off, it SPARKLES. I used gold and silver paint pens for accents in a few strategic places and it came out very nicely, that will definitely be a regular thing. I love thparkleth. all in all it actually turned out really really well, even better than I expected. I started using a matte sealant, too, which I was kinda worried about...thought it might give it a weird sheen, but it didn't make any difference visually and will help people take better care of them. so yup, thar ya go. the first of many more to come, I hope...in fact I have two hats that I'm about to start working on for my friends jackson and patrick, they just came in the mail yesterday. both should be pretty sick, they're the first non-city-related ones I've ever done, which is kinda cool. and I'm about to order more off lids.com (two thumbs up for birthday discounts) - gonna try to start stocking up, I have a couple in mind. they'll be the first that weren't customized for particular people, too, which gives me a little more free reign. wish me luck!

28 January 2010


I've never been a big believer in new year's resolutions. although they seem sensible, they're so cliche at this point that I forget them within a week. but 2009 was a very...interesting year in my life, and for me personally 2010 is a perfect time to start some things which could fall into the category of said resolutions. so, I've decided to start a new tradition for myself - I will now give myself all of january to think over the past year and what I want to do in the new one, and start my new year's resolutions the day after my birthday (I turned 20 last friday, 22 january). this may be cheating, but it's still my birthday week and I can do whatever the fuck I want. I'm also going to try and make them more specific - I think we all know that "I'm gonna be healthier this year" is pretty much bullshit. 20 seems like a good age to start something like this, right? I think so.

unfortunately I'm already a bit late getting started on them...I planned to start monday, figured it was a logical day, but I ended up being a bum that day. and then I ended up being a bum tuesday. and then I ended up being a bum wednesday. my class schedule is dangerously conducive to being a bum. therefore, I gotta hustle and gon head an get ma shit togetha.

so, on that note, my resolutions for 2010 are as follows:

1. eat on a more regular schedule. I want to eat better too, but WHAT I eat isn't so big of a deal as the fact that sometimes I just forget to eat and then end up eating a lot of bad things. I think I was accidentally anorexic-bulimic for the first two weeks of school (actually had a couple kate moss moments too. skinny did feel good...but then something always ended up tasting better). I've actually already started this one and I'm doing pretty good.

2. stretch every day, even if it's just for five minutes. I'm trying to stay physically active too (hopefully starting yoga classes but I've been saying that for two semesters), but realistically it won't happen every day so I need to at least stay loose since I don't have a chiropractor here.

3. meditate every day, also if it's just for five minutes. keeps me grounded and helps me not lose my shit all the time.

4. okay this one is more generic than I wanted it to be but I don't know how else to put it...I gotta stay on top of my shit in school. checking my planner every day, not deciding to go hang out with jake or the girls instead of doing my homework, etc. I just want every class to be like my english classes, where I just have to write a bunch of essays and that's it...but they aren't. so I have to actually do things.

5. have the balls to get my hats out there. I just really really hate confrontation and asking people to do things for me - like I'm that kid that if they bring me the wrong thing at a restaurant half the time I'll just eat it rather than deal with the person. I don't really have business instincts...God only knows why I ever thought I would enjoy an entrepreneurship major. way too much of a bum for that bullshit. but, I have a few ideas of how to start getting them noticed, so this semester and summer I just have to really stick my neck out and start making people want them. gah.

6. try to be positive about the semester. I'm just so over this whole RA bullshit, and since I know I'm gonna be done with it in a couple months it's really easy to complain and bitch about it, which is totally useless and brings me and other people down. gotta quit whining and try to do my girls justice for the rest of the year.

so yeah. I'm also trying to do a few other little things, like actually go and get and read the books on my reading list, but those are the big assignments I'm giving myself for the year. cross your fingers

18 January 2010


I don't really know what I'm doing with this. mostly I've been trying to create a website for these hats that I paint and it's just really complicated so I think I'm just going to put them on a blog. and as an added bonus I will just have a blog. kill two birds with one stone type thing - not that I had any desire to kill two birds in the first place, really just one, but the second flew in the way and I figured it wasn't a bad idea. so - for the moment I guess that's it. hats to come. and other musings.