30 November 2010

two important things

...that I just wanted you all (all being the, maybe, three people that read this) to know.

Number One:


Yeah. Black Friday marks the official beginning of the season. Which means that as soon as I got back to Miami yesterday I put up my fucking adorable Christmas tree, as pictured at left.

and Number Two:

Yes. The real Ricky Rozay. He was on my flight from ATL to MIA. Travelin' real incognegro like, ya know...no security, no bling, not even any luggage. Hmmm SUSPICIOUS MR TEFLON DON. Anyway, here's me and the big man himself:

Uh yeah wtf. Awesome. I should have tried to show him my hats...oh well. I'm still hoping maybe he'll respond to my tweets to him haha.

So yup, that's all. Just a random update. Hopefully I'll get to work on some more hats before winter break, but first I have to get through two and a half weeks of academic hell. So in the interim...merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

06 November 2010

major milestone

I have officially crossed the threshold of true (if still not very legit) bloggerdom...I HAVE A FOLLOWER WHOM I DO NOT PERSONALLY KNOW! I'm exhilarated. That's all.

EDIT (five minutes later): Just wanted to make it clear that, as excited as I am about this faraway follower...I could still use more. In case for some reason you thought maybe I was happy with my two followers and didn't want you. That isn't true. So. Ahem. Back to regularly scheduled programming.

In other news, I am going to continue with my lame-ass habit of posting old artwork when I have nothing new and good to show for myself lately. So I guess that isn't really news. Anyway though, here's an old illustration I really like:

papi naturo (as I originally called it...which I now think is lame but I don't really have a better idea so for the moment "papi naturo" it is)
summer 2008?
Bic art markers on sketchbook paper

ps. For those of you who haven't realized it yet, Halloween week is now over, which means that tomorrow it can offically be considered THANKSGIVING!!! MY FAVORITE HOLIDAY EVER!!! YES!!!!! So HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL, and to all a lovely chilly autumn night!