24 September 2010

piece de resistance

...it really is. My piece de resistance, I mean (should that phrase have accent marks in it somewhere? Probably). I just wish photos did justice to these hats...that sounds really cocky, I don't mean it like they're that incredible, but you just don't get the full effect. Anyway doe [Kat Stacks voice], for what it's worth:

YAY! I'm so proud. Seriously. Check out my flickaaa for a wider range of pictures and pics of my other hats.

Working on the design for the next one...keep ya eyes peeled for updates

21 September 2010

death by school



painting still lifes.

honestly, someone tell me how you get good at it. what the HELL is interesting enough about a pitcher and a tea kettle to have even the slightest desire to paint them in detail? this assignment is making me suicidal.