06 March 2010


hahaaaa YES finally got some more work done on this hat. I'm on duty and therefore cooped up in my building all night...what better motivation than an evening with no substances?

just about done with this side...it's based on the techno song "till the sky falls down" by dash berlin. my friend patrick basically just gave me two songs he loves (that one and "sirens of the sea" by oceanlab) and said listen to them and do what you feel. which was SWEET. so this hat is abouta be sickkk. other side to come...hopefully soon, I'm on duty again tomorrow haha. but until then, goodnight :)

EDIT: by the way, this hat is going to take WAYYY longer than anticipated. damnz.

05 March 2010

fuckin around

one of my occasional forays into non-representational art. I don't generally do totally abstract stuff like this, but it can be thoroughly therapeutic. I think this was the day I locked my door and turned off all my lights except my desk lamp and danced around in my underwear to david bowie.

inks on sketch paper
spring 2009

EDIT | there was a blow-dryer involved as well. just in case you were wondering.

02 March 2010

she's alive

sadly I haven't really had time to blog recently...patrick's hat is on hold while I try and get my life together. I've also been developing a lot of fascinating theories on life of late, which I would like to share with you, dear blogspot, so when time and school allow I will expound upon those.

currently, however, like I said I REALLY have to start being a more productive person. I'm realizing lately that I am just straight up lazy. even jake tells me I'm lazy...and the worst part is that I'm a bad influence on other people about it too. if they ask me if they should go to class, do homework, etc, I always tell them fuck it. BAD. I honestly just don't really like to do anything that requires much effort or planning on my part; if I had my way I'd just sit on my ass all day and read books and write essays and paint things and think and learn and talk to people and meditate and do yoga (and a few less kosher but thoroughly enjoyable activities that I'll leave you to imagine). BUT, while I plan to add a double major in english next year (currently I'm just majoring in studio art) and be able to spend the last two years of my college career doing exactly that, for the moment I have to try and do some other things. like do real homework. and study for tests. and write papers that aren't about interesting literature. meh.

this is kind of my final new year's resolution to conquer...I'm still sticking to all of them pretty well (with the exception of working more on my hats, but like I said that's just on hold until the school part is on track), but I am still not doing shit as far as schoolwork this semester. I was right in thinking that the "stay on top of my shit" resolution was much too general. therefore, the first step of the new and improved do-some-real-fuckin-work plan is to go to study hall with the alphas every night they have it, which I think is monday through wednesday. I was going to say I have to do at least an hour of homework every day of the weekend too, but I honestly think that's pushing it at the moment (pathetic, I know). so, first I'll try and be productive for a couple hours for three nights of the week. a hateful prospect, but realistic.

on that note...off to write two english papers and do spanish homework and take an anthropology online quiz, all of which is due tomorrow and none of which I've started. yuuuup this is gonna be fun.