03 February 2011

full circle

OKAY. It is time for New Year's resolutions again. Which is rather thought-provoking for me because one of my first posts on this blog was about my resolutions for last year (thus the title of this blog entry). Awww.

...so, in honor of that milestone, let's recap how successful I was in 2010:

1. Eat on a more regular schedule. Failed. Last semester was potentially the most unhealthy three months of my life. My mom thought I was anorexic for a while.

2. Stretch every day. Lasted about a month.

3. Meditate every day. This went hand-in-hand with #2...this one might have lasted a little longer. Or at least I tried to make it last a little longer.

4. Stay on top of my shit in school. Well, halfway successful. Spring semester last year was my worst yet academically, but then I got straight A's this fall. Ya win some, ya lose some.

5. Have the balls to get my hats out there [Sometimes I hate quoting myself. I sound like such a tool]. Not so much a question of balls as motivation. Thus, failed.

6. Be positive about the semester. Let me amend my statement in #4: spring semester last year was actually my worst yet BY FAR IN VIRTUALLY EVERY WAY SHAPE AND FORM and I hated almost every second of it. So I failed that one too.

......wow. Miserable. So, although I am sticking to the plan I created last year of waiting to make my resolutions until after my birthday (clearly I'm running a little behind), we are trying a new format for 2011. I will now be making specific goals in three categories: body, mind, and soul. [Incidentally -- did you know that the Modern Language Association has officially made it proper to put a comma after the second to last item in a list like I just did, unlike you were taught all through your lower education? Who the fuck gets to decide these things?] They take some preparation, however. So I'll be back with those.

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