31 January 2011

new blog!

So I created a new blog this weekend. I decided that between the random journalistic ramblings, the occasional random photos, and the original purpose of sharing my hat art, the goal of this one was becoming a bit muddled. Thus, I will keep this one so I can continue with my ramblings etc, and now also have an entirely new (although currently titleless) blog for just my hats. A wise business decision, I believe.

AND, it already has three followers! Yayy. (Of course, one of them is me and the other two are personal friends. But regardless, that's more than just me.)

Anyway, if you happen to read this one, please check out the other as well. I'm trying to spend more time on the whole hat business this semester so I'd appreciate your views as well as your feedback. And like I said, I still don't have a title for the hat blog or, as you can probably infer from that, the hat business itself...so any ideas for that are certainly welcome also.

So for now das ist all -- time to go do homework. Thanks for reading and thanks for clicking here (assuming you do)!

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