16 March 2011


So I'm dipping out on Blogger I think.

See what happened waaas I got a Tumblr. And I gotta be honest, it pushed my Blogger to the side. Blogger makes me feel like I need to write long, clever posts. There's just so much SPACE. But Tumblr is such a happy medium because it's sorta halfway between here and Twitter...more than 140 characters, but I don't feel pressured to write novellas. PERF. So for the moment I'm all about the Tumblr. I won't delete this but I probably won't touch it for like, ever. (Until of course I feel the NEED to write a novella, which creates the downside to Tumblr because when you're in the mood you can't really write that much so it's awkward. In which case I will probably come crawling humbly back to Blogger.) And I can't even lie, I'm way better at Tumblr. I'm actually kinda funny sometimes in that form.

SO, in light of that whole situation, if you are one of the couple people who follow this blog or if you happen to see this entry, I would very much appreciate you following my other blog just for my hat art.

Yay! Thanks! Until next time, Bloggerites :)

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