05 February 2011

nice to meet you, 2011

Hokay so. I have made my resolutions, in three categories, as I said I would. They are as follows...

- Do something that's good for my body at least three days a week. The chiropractor counts as one, and the others can be yoga and working out, or at the very least Wii Fit. And try and squeeze in some Wii Fit or stretching on the off days too.
- Cook a real, complete, healthy dinner at least once a week.

- Read for pleasure. I seem to have lost that art over the past couple of years and I miss it.
- When I have some free time at home, consciously do something that doesn't require sitting at the computer. Even just cleaning or something.

- Read at least one of the (many) spiritual books my mom has given me. The most recent, for my birthday, is just called Grace, and it actually looks pretty good.
- Go over what I'm thankful for every single day, either when I wake up or before I go to sleep or both.

I think those are better than last year. The only one that I'll really have to keep track of is the physical activity bullshit, but fortunately I'm already off to a good start on that. Gotta buy a yoga pass this week! I also consciously decided to leave off making any specific goals about my academics. Now that I'm in a major I actually enjoy, getting good grades is really just a matter of being engaged and absorbing what I'm learning. It worked last semester; even though my classes were fucking hard I was interested enough to do my work and ended up with good grades. Provost's Honor Roll twice in a row? Yes please.

Here I come 2011, watch out nah!

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