13 October 2010


Some extremely disturbing information has just come to my attention.

Once you've posted over 200 photos on Flickr, if you do not have a Pro account (i.e., if you're in college and poor and not planning to pay $30 to put pictures online when you and everyone you know has a Facebook), you will only be able to see the most recent 200.

WHICH IS INFURIATING! GAHH. I'm so mad. I just uploaded something and got a little notice that said "We noticed that you have reached 170 photos in your Photostream. Once you get to 200, you'll only be able to view the most recent 200. Nothing will be deleted. Would you like to upgrade now to a 1-year Flickr Pro account for $27.99?"

You wanna know what I said?
I said,

Yeah. That's right. That's what I said. I really am pissed. That's really NOT a lot of pictures, and the whole reason I have a Flickr is because it's a free, well-organized vehicle to show my art. So clearly, if that's why I'm doing it, I don't want to pay for it! Who do you think I am, Flickr? Why do you think I don't have a Pro account? You wanna know? BECAUSE I'M NOT A PRO! I am, in fact, quite the definition of an amateur! Don't you think I would LIKE to have a Pro account? Obviously. But if I don't, there's most likely a good reason. WHICH THERE IS. Beef. That's what this is. Me and Flickr are beefin'. We're not on good terms right now.

In other news, my boyfriend Jake broke his ankle today. Actually, that's euphemistic. He is in New York on a trip sponsored by our school's marketing department and got hit by a car this afternoon and broke his ankle. And obviously, I am in Miami and can't go there because I have to go out of town tomorrow too. So I am stuck here while my baby's all lonely in a NYC pediatric hospital ward (why? I don't know. I assure you he isn't a minor). Fuck. Bad evening.


EDIT [some five minutes later]

Some good news! Jake just woke up from his surgery and called me, his ankle isn't actually broken. Yay! That just boosted things a little. And it probably should be sleepytime now so byee.

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