29 January 2010

the heart of the matter

so let's get down to the nitty-gritty. here's the whole reason I fucks with this blog business anyway - this is the third hat I've painted, but by far the best. it was for my friend chris, who's also from the ATL. (click here to see more hat pictures on my flickr.) the front is the atlanta skyline at night (viewed from the north-ish, if I'm not mistaken), with the highways on the bill and a peach as the moon. if you know atlanta at all the buildings are actually recognizable, I was much more detailed on this one than on the first ATL hat I painted. the back says "listening to you I get the music," which is a line from chris's favorite song by the who. and, to top it off, it SPARKLES. I used gold and silver paint pens for accents in a few strategic places and it came out very nicely, that will definitely be a regular thing. I love thparkleth. all in all it actually turned out really really well, even better than I expected. I started using a matte sealant, too, which I was kinda worried about...thought it might give it a weird sheen, but it didn't make any difference visually and will help people take better care of them. so yup, thar ya go. the first of many more to come, I hope...in fact I have two hats that I'm about to start working on for my friends jackson and patrick, they just came in the mail yesterday. both should be pretty sick, they're the first non-city-related ones I've ever done, which is kinda cool. and I'm about to order more off lids.com (two thumbs up for birthday discounts) - gonna try to start stocking up, I have a couple in mind. they'll be the first that weren't customized for particular people, too, which gives me a little more free reign. wish me luck!

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