26 October 2010

a new era

...pun entirely intended. (So I hope someone else got it.) I feel like I am kind of starting a new era in my art though; I'm starting to figure out what's really my type or "genre" or whatever.

Anyhoo - two new hats are in the works, both of which I'm really excited about. Here's me wearing them as pasties:

The red and purple one is for my friend Jackson...I'd explain the symbolism of the whole deal but I don't have the energy. I sleepy. Soo I'll do that when I post pictures of the finished hat. Here's the in-progress:

The other is going to be a TOTORO hat! This one was thought of totally on a whim, but I might give it to my sister for Christmas (assuming I finish it by then). Here's its done-in-a-hurry, kind-of-ugly, going-to-be-softened ground painting:

So, ja, das ist all. Just wanted to share where I am. I apologize for the shitty quality, btw...I just did a lot of work on the H-Town one and decided to just snap a few Photobooth pics before I went to bed. Hope ya like em anyway doe [Kat Stacks voice], feedback appreciated.


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