11 June 2010


the hat is FINALLY done! woohoo I feel like a free woman again. my friend patrick absolutely loved it, so mission accomplished in my mind. here are a few pictures; click here to see more/better views on my flickr.

so there you have it. the fruit borne by the seeds of countless hours sown into the soil of love and watered by my creative juices. damn. awesome.

feedback, however, is much appreciated - design/execution tips, composition, whether you like the atlanta hats versus the blank hat, or whatever else. the biggest issue with this one was that it's painted on a cheapo lids-brand fitted made of acrylic, rather than a nice new era one made of wool, cotton, spandex, etc etc. it really changed the texture and color quality...worked out in the end, but I would rather not do it again. I have a few more cheapies on hand to paint but I'm only ordering legit new era 59 fiftys from here on out. GAME OVA.

anyway - that's it. I'm gonna go post these pictures on flickr so that that link up there actually takes you to what it says it will. if that makes sense. happy weekend!


  1. Omgg I want me one!!!
    Joseph moon

  2. goddddddddd this is sooooooo freaking coool..would love to get my hands on one of them!!


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